Pleasant Paws Pet Center


Is Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals closing or moving?

No, Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals located at 119 Mt Pleasant Road Newtown, Connecticut, will still be open and operated as usual. Pleasant Paws Pet Center will be an extension and offer many services which, we at Mt Pleasan can’t offer at this time

Where do I go for my pet's Veterinary/Medical needs?

Mt. Pleasant’s main focus will still be veterinary medicine and we will take all the appointments and perform various medical services like dentistry, surgery etc.

When will Pleasant Paws be Open?

 Our construction team is working at their best. We hope to be up and running in April, 2020.

Can my dog have dog daycare while boarding ?

 Yes, we will have different packages for you to choose from that best fits your canine.

Who will be staff members?

 We will have some new staff members as we are expanding but we will have some very familiar fases at higher management level.

What kind of services will be available?

 We will offer a variety of services like Canine sports medicine,  Luxury Boarding, training, doggie day care, grooming, pet taxi, luxury boarding for Cats and exotic animals like Rabbits etc. and so much more.

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Pleasant Paws Pet Center

94 South Main Street Newtown, CT 06470

Phone:  (203) 426-8585

Email: pleasantpawspetcenter@gmail.com

Did you know we have two sister Hospitals, Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown and Fieldstone Veterinary Care in New Fairfield?

Important: For emergency pet care, please contact Newtown Veterinary Specialists