Doggy Day Academy

To enroll in Day Academy, a 30 minute meet and greet must be attended and paid for at the time of scheduling. Upon acceptance into the program, a 30 minute mandatory exit session must be scheduled. Owners are required to attend both the meet and greet and the exit session. The program is open to all dogs 5 months of age and older, pending suitability that will be determined during the initial Meet and Greet. Training will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Meet and Greet
Training (Includes 3 sessions and exit session)
**This price does not include accommodation costs, please see below for additional fees**
Accommodation options
Day board
Per Day
Overnight Boarding:
Per Day

All Play care / Boarding dogs must be up to date ONE WEEK PRIOR TO RESERVATIONS with the following vaccines: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, Canine Influenza, and fecal test within the last 6 months.

Basic Behavioral training offerings may include (but not be limited to):

  • Leash pulling
  • Leash Reactivity without bite history
  • Basic obedience training such as sit, down, stay
  • Household solutions when applicable, behaviors such as “go to bed” and polite greetings, (no jumping)
  • Cooperative care exposure such as walking on a scale and standing for examination

The above list is not an exhaustive list and other behavioral training will be considered on a case-by case basis. A report card will be provided at the exit lesson. This will be reviewed with the owner before the dog is released after completing the program.

Dog Agility Room

Room Rentals Available for private training, practice and more. Please see below.

Dog Training

All Classes require pre-registration as space is limited.

Group Classes ( Puppy Classes, Basic Obedience, Rally, Therapy Dog ):
Sign – ups are with Canine Training and Behavior Services, LLC

Monday and Thursday Evening: Group Classes held by Canine Training and Behavior Services, LLC. For more information visit their website. or call 203-394-8533

Breed Conformation Classes:

Tuesday Evenings: All Breed Conformation Handling Classes held by The Newtown Kennel Club Contact register with them at Classes may vary, please check with your instructor on class availability.

Wednesday Evenings: All Breed Conformation Handling Classes taught by Tuni Conti, register at Classes may vary, please check with your instructor on class availability.

Renting the Dog Agility Room

$75.00 per hour.
5-hour package minimum.

Call or e-mail Pleasant Paws Pet Center to book your reservation and check for availability

Have a dog who would love to run around with friends, play “find it” or fetch, use our food puzzle toys, practice their skills, or just have fun while off-leash in our temperature-controlled facility?

Rent our dog agility room and get this amazing room all to yourself. You can schedule for anytime the training center is not in use.

When you rent the training center, you can:

All dogs renting the room must be up to date to required vaccines 1 week prior to coming in

(Bordetella, Canine Influenza, Distemper, Rabies, Fecal negative within the last year)

  • Host a playdate – we allow up to 6 dogs per family and up to three dogs who do not live together to play off-leash in our training room at a time.
  • Use our selection of food puzzle toys.
  • Practice your manners and obedience commands in a non-distracting environment.
  • Just get out of the house and hang out with your best friend while using our Wi-Fi and temperature-controlled facility.
  • Rainy day? Bring your pup to run around and stay dry!

Please note, these packages are for renting the dog agility room only with limited access to Pleasant Paws equipment. This package is not intended for private training lessons or for private activities –No classes may be preformed as we have a training company Canine Training and Behavior Services, LLC who offer group and private lessons.

Anyone under 18 years of age participating in a rental must always have a parent or guardian in attendance while at the dog agility room.

Anyone renting the dog agility room must agree to play with and interact with their dog in a loving and humane way. No hitting or yelling at your dog, no throwing things, no choke chain / prong collar / or electronic collar corrections, etc. Any inhumane treatment of dogs will not be tolerated. We also ask their all guest respect our facility and the room. All guests will sign our room rental waiver and will be responsible for any damages done in our dog agility room during guests’ room rental.

All renters must clean up after their dogs if they go to the bathroom in the dog agility room. If there is any trash made during your rental, kindly bag up your trash and toss in our dumpster behind our facility. Please do not move agility or nose work equipment, cubby totes, or storage shelves/storage units that is in our dog agility storage room. Designated items for room rentals will be labeled and can be added for addition. All deep cleanings will be overseen by Pleasant Paws Pet Center team members.

We apologize to other dog trainers in the area, but the “Renting the Dog Agility Room” package may not be used for teaching lessons to your clients.


We use the safest cleaning products in the market to ensure your pet has the safe healthy stay.


Our luxury boarding accommodations provide your pet with the most comfortable stay in their home away from home.


Your pet is fed individually per the pet parents’ instructions to ensure they are happy and healthy when they are heading home.

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