Pet Care Drop Off Checklist

    Thank you for choosing Pleasant Paws Pet Center to board to your pet

    All Play care / Boarding dogs must be up to date with the following vaccines prior to their reservation:

    Dogs: Bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, distemper, canine influenza, and a negative fecal test within the last 6 months.

    Cats: Feline distemper, rabies and a negative fecal test within the last year

    THIS IS A REQUEST FORM – NOT A CONFIRMATION.Kindly call & e-mail us to confirm your reservation request was received and your pets have their room. Please note that it does take about 1 hour to receive and enter your pet into our system. If you have never used our facility or been to our sister hospital, Mt Pleasant Hospital for Animals before or within the past 2 years, please fill out our new client form as well. Please fill out one request per pet and indicate if necessary that they are allowed to share a kennel.

    Overnight Stays: Weekdays -Check-In starts at 10 am to 12 (noon) pm and 2pm to 4pm

    Saturdays - Check-In starts at 10 am to 12:00 pm

    Unless pre-discussed and approved (additional fee)
    This give us time to properly clean the rooms for our next guest.

    Check-out starts at 10 am to 12 (noon) and 4pm to 6pm - any pick-ups after 12 will result in an additional day of boarding.

    Saturdays - Check-out starts at 10 am to 12 (noon)- any pick-ups after 12 will result in an additional day. ONLY OPEN UNTIL 1pm.

    We want to ensure all animals are properly let out to use the bathroom and fed before headed home.

    Weekdays Early / Late Pick up - $25.00

    Weekends Early / Late Pick up - $35.00

    Must be PRE- APPROVED

    If picking up before 12 noon, there is no additional fee for that day. If receiving a grooming / go home bath / nail trims pick up is after 12, there will not be an extra charge for boarding if after 12 with these additional services only. Prices are per animals, there is discount for multi-pets. 10% off second pets.

    Emergency Contact:

    Occasionally pets may develop problems from environmental and dietary changes. (i.e., vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, self-trauma such as pawing at the cage or biting their skin etc.) We make every attempt to call you or your emergency contact to let you know the cost prior to treatment. However, if we are unable to contact anyone, we will treat accordingly for the health and comfort of your pet. After discharge from boarding/daycare in case your pet has diarrhea, vomiting, cough, etc. Please call our veterinarians so we can ask our veterinarians to exam your pet. In case you decide to take your pet to your own Veterinarian there will be no financial reimbursement for that exam & treatment. Pleasant Paws Pet Center will not be liable for any bills/invoices from your veterinarian.

    Are these individuals allowed to dictate any needed treatment or pick-up/ remove your pet from our facility?


    PETCARE (Type of Boarding Care - PLEASE CHECK ONE)

    Report cards are complimentary. You will receive 1 to 2 report cards depending on your pets stay. Additional report cards can be added for purchase below.

    Fees a night are per animal. There are discounts given to multi-pet families. If not picked up before 12 Noon, there will be an additional charge for the day regardless if staying the day for daycare.

    STAY N PLAY – Daycare & Overnight Boarding:

    For the dogs who want both daycare and boarding, they receive discount pricing to do both each day! This discount is built into the price. Stay N Play Drop of starts at 7am on Mondays - Fridays and 8 am on Saturdays. Dog MUST pass Daycare Compatibility Evaluation PRIOR to Stay.


    Grooming with our Groomer: Please list what type of groom you would like & instructions. Prices vary – call for estimates.

    – PRICE VARIES BASED ON COAT, SIZE, STYLE. Please Write below your directions if grooming services are wanted.

    NOTE: Any Go Home Baths or Grooming Services – we will call when your canine is ready for pick up. Pick ups for these add on are estimated after 1pm to ensure service is complete and pets are dry. You will not be charged for an extra day when using our grooming services.


    Medications, vitmans and supplements will be given as directed on the medication label. Please bring in their original containers. Any medication found in pre-packaged food will also be subject to medication administration charge. If your pet requires medications, the level of boarding care will be increased to

    * Large bags or containers cannot be accepted due to space constraints. If needed food will be packaged into individual meals upon drop-off for an additional $5 fee.

    Indicate amount and frequency

    Personal Belongings:

    We discourage leaving personal belongings (i.e., toys, blankets, bedding, etc.) due to sanitation and orderliness requirements. We are not responsible for any items that are lost, shred or soiled. If any items are brought, please make sure your pets name is on each item. *Senior canines 8 years and up are allowed to bring their own bedding.
    Please make sure all items are properly labeled*

    Pet Care Attendant to take picture of pet's belongings and to make note on cage cages with descriptions of items.
    Please only fill out if more than 1 pet staying with us:

    THIS IS A REQUEST FORM – NOT A CONFIRMATION. Kindly call & e-mail us to confirm your reservation request was received and your pets have their room.
    E-mails and Voicemails are checked & monitored during business hours.

    Thank you for choosing Pleasant Paws Pet Center for your pet’s home away from home! We can’t wait to see you!

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